Resolve to change lives all year long.

This year join the Free Range Health Family and embrace compassion by giving low-cost acupuncture to people and communities in need.

No one should be denied access to quality health care because of their lack of income or mobility.

Modern health care delivery focuses on the ability of the patient to travel to a provider for treatment. For seniors, homebound individuals, and people living in rural or native communities this can create a barrier that is difficult or impossible to overcome.

Additionally, insurance coverage for alternative and integrative health care services may not be available to help defray the cost of care. Even for those with coverage, co-pays, deductibles, and other out-of-pocket costs can put integrative services out of reach for many people. This is especially true for seniors living on fixed incomes or those surviving on low-wage jobs.

Free Range Health removes these obstacles by delivering low-cost services to where they are most needed.

Helping Others Heal

According to the US Administration on Aging, there are nearly 40 million Americans over the age of 65. Almost 4 million of them are unable to leave their homes due to serious physical and mental illness. Free Range Health is working to improve the quality of life for these individuals. Your donation brings them the superior integrative health services they deserve.

Lack of convenient transportation and long distances from providers can have a negative impact on underserved individuals seeking quality health care. Free Range Health removes these barriers. Your donation delivers our services to where it is most convenient for the patient.

Implementing Integrative Health Models

Innovative new approaches to health care delivery are essential to meet the needs of our aging population. Free Range Health is committed to being part of the solution. Our decentralized model of health care delivery is bridging the gap between patients and providers. Your donation increases access to integrative medicine and helps individuals and communities live healthier and happier lives.

I have more pain free movement with the treatments

Having an affordable acupuncture treatment means as I age my movement will be better. I have more pain free movement with the treatments. The people giving the treatments are interested in helping and in the results patients are getting. We, as seniors, benefit greatly from this physically and mentally here at the Senior Center

Thank you for supporting us with affordable health care.

Claire C


Great results in little time. Love!

Jennie M

Try it and you will be amazed at how much better you will feel!

These treatments have been such a help for my arthritis. I didn’t think acupuncture would help me as much as it has – treatments do not hurt! I come every Friday when I can and thank Cole for helping me to be pain free, especially in my neck where I have the most pain. I am a believer in acupuncture! Try it and you will be amazed at how much better you will feel!

Connie H

The staff are fantastic, and the price is right!

When therapy with bands did not bring me relief, I went to an acupuncture clinic in Seattle to see if they could help my strained rotator cuff. Two treatments later I had no more pain – and that was 20 years ago. So when I found out about Free Range Health, I went to see if they could help me with my drug-related neuropathy in my feet as well as with my peripheral artery disease in my calves. While it’s not eliminated either entirely, my legs and feet feel 80% better after treatment.

I am so thankful that a clinic the caliber of Free Range Health exists. The staff are fantastic, and the price is right!

Kristin C

You don't have to be a senior...

You don’t have to be senior age to enjoy the benefits of Free Range Health at the senior center. Free Range Health is a very affordable and pleasant community acupuncture. My weekly sessions keep my aches and pains at bay without breaking the bank.

Cole and Kristan with Free Range Health are both very nice and knowledgeable acupuncturists. They get to know their clients and their acupuncture needs.

Melissa B

I hate needles, but these don't hurt!

I’ve been going for treatment for my back, working very well. Everyone is so kind and patient. Will continue to go if I have any other problems. I hate needles, but these don’t hurt!

Theda P

I appreciate their clinical skills

I appreciate and respect Cole’s and Kristan’s clinical skills that they use in acupuncture treatment. I am equally appreciative of their supportive reactions with the clinic patients. They are able to maintain a warm, professional approach to all of us.

David F

Pain free and ready to walk!

Now I can walk without pain.

Stephen J

Keep on dancing!

I would recommend highly Free Range Health. I have been receiving care weekly for over a year and continually see improvements for my aches and pains. I am an avid Zumba fan so foresee that Dr. Cole and Free Range Health will be finding me on their doorstep to continually keep me in good health.

Barb N

What a change!

I was having trouble with my back after a fall. Before after a fall, maybe a week and I was fine. Not this time. I had heard of acupuncture, but I have limited resources. Cole and the non-profit fit.

What a change! My back is doing well, and I don’t have the stress of financial troubles. Cole does fine work and has made my back and body work without the pain.

Thank You, Cole.

Paul L

I enjoy my hobby again

I can’t say enough about how wonderful Free Range Health is. I first came because of a wrist tendonitis that was keeping me from my beloved knitting and crocheting. I now am pain free and enjoy my hobby again. I continued with regular treatments for immune enhancement because I trusted the information Cole was sharing about acupuncture’s benefits. Later when I had a shingles attack, acupuncture helped immensely with reducing (and finally eliminating) the pain I was experiencing.

I firmly believe acupuncture has helped me stay healthy and active, and Free Range Health is so affordable.

Fran C

Meet The Free Range Health Team..

Provider Cole Alexander, DAOM, EAMP

Cole joined the Free Range Health team of providers in 2012. He brings with him a specialty in oncology and advanced pain management and is a Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Acupuncture Specialist (CHPCAS) through the National Association of Hospice and Palliative Care Acupuncturists.


Cole Alexander, Founder & President

Cole Alexander

Arti Rajvanshi, Vice President

Arti Rajvanshi

John Tuma, Secretary

John Tuma


Sue Millonzi

Sandy Brown

Jan Thomas

Pat, Amazing Volunteer

Pat Albert

This could be you!

Free Range Health is a mobile organization. We don't have a physical building to create a permanent donor wall, but we still want to acknowledge the financial support that is the only way we are able to achieve our mission.

We created our Annual Healing Gifts Virtual Donor Walls to spotlight the generosity of everyone who has been there to help us provide outstanding care to the hundreds of people we serve each year.

Thank you so much to all of the amazing individuals and businesses that are supporting our work in 2019!

* Denotes #Five2K Challenge Donor

2019 Healing Gifts Virtual Donor Wall

Friends...up to $99

Private Donors

Vernon Faurie *

Mary Freundlich

Janet Phillips

Vicki Good

Sean Kilgore

Pat Albert

Nita Perrine

Mary Hamilton

Linda Williams

Kathleen Corbett

Janis Johnson

Dorothea Albert

Darlene Schmidt-Burt

Claire Conaway

Bonnie & Joe Romero

Christine Nyblod*

Margo & Greg Powell *

Carol Sack

Yukiko Rood

Tracie Hendrickson

Richard Yost

Pat Ellis

Nancy Price

Lucy Higgins

Linda Painter & Isaac Arnett

Kaitlyn Lipka

Gary Bowen

Diane Berkowitz

Dale Edward

Carol Sack

Anne Hartsell

Aletta Joiner

Jeremy Frieling *

Janie Watkins

Keiko Matsumoto

Wanda Schroedl

Sonja Berg

Renee Anderson

Pat Kresek

Michael Dawson

Lissy Villa

Kiyo Duhadway

Judy Ward

Fred Joiner

Denny Gobert

Cornelia Krap

Bryan Graves

Angela Dismuke

Chrysanthemum Level

Chrysanthemum...$100 - $999

Private Donors

Laura Livingston *

Linda Manubi*

Karen Tuma*

Kathleen Gunn

Steven Kukull

Sandy & Larry Rumsey

Nancy & Warren Chong *

Linda Wright

Judy York

Denise Paulette

(Whisper Medicine Shamanic Healing)

Cami & Ricky Dimes

Cynthia & Bobby Walker *

Esther Greenhalgh *

Susan Kim *

Linda & Dan Frizzell*

Tomiko Klokow

Kay Bailey

Nora John

Margaret Ely

Kristin Culleney

Dorothy & Gene Morehouse

Cerisse Jatabutr

Kristin Culleney

Ann Siemering

Sue Millonzi

(in memory of Chuck Millonzi)

Linda Valentovich*

(in celebration of Chuck & Sue Millonzi)

Judith Abbott *

Linda Butorac*

Fran & Thomas Curley *

Darryl Peterson *

(Peterson Brothers Drywall)

Elarka Yuen

Sheldon Jacobsen

Mary-Anne Grassit

Lynda Hounsell

Katy Koukouras, ND *

(Sky Valley Healing Arts)

Jeanette Unger

Carol Ann Pinto

Barb Bailey

Licorice Level

Licorice...$1,000 - $2,499

John Tuma *

Arti Rajvanshi

Marysville Noon Rotary

Moccasin Lake Foundation

Cole Alexander

Indigo Level

Indigo...$2,500 - $4,999

As a mobile healthcare provider, Free Range Health relies heavily on wireless electronics and cloud-based services. Gifts at the Indigo Level are an investment in the success of our mission. Maintaining and improving this technology ultimately allows us to channel more of our resources toward direct patient care.

Invest at the Indigo Level now

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Ginkgo Level

Ginkgo...$5,000 - $9,999

Invest at the Ginkgo Level now

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Lotus...$10,000 - $24,999

Salesforce Foundation

Ginseng Level

Ginseng...$25,000 ++

Transform a community when you invest at the Ginseng Level. Adopt one of our low-cost clinics for a year and support the health of the whole community with over 2,000 appointments. That's a lot of people who will receive access to our life changing services. What a return on investment!

Invest at the Ginseng Level now.