What services do you offer?

At this time, Free Range Health is offering East Asian medicine services. We plan to expand services to include other integrative and alternative medicine modalities as resources become available in the future. To find out more about the specific services we provide, please visit the Services page of our website.

Do you accept insurance?

Our decentralized model of low-cost health care delivery does not fit well with the current reimbursement policies of many health insurance companies. In addition, most policies place limits on the number of treatments and the types of conditions that are eligible for reimbursement. Patients can be forced to stop treatment too soon because they have used up their allotted number of visits or they are not covered for the condition being treated.

Our commitment is to providing low-cost integrative health care to underserved individuals and communities. Fees for our services are usually far below the cost of an average insurance co-pay. Patients are able to receive care as often as they need for as long as they need without deferring to an insurance provider.

Opting not to accept insurance allows Free Range Health to keep our costs down while directing our resources toward our patients and programs and away from bureaucratic paperwork.

What is your service area?

Currently, we offer services throughout Snohomish County in Washington State. We are planning to expand our services to other areas in the coming months.

How do I host a clinic at my location?

Thank you so much for your interest in our low-cost services. Hosting a mobile acupuncture clinic is a commitment to the health of your members and your community. Free Range Health is ready and willing to partner with you to create a sustainable program that will be available for many years to come.

The first step is setting up a talk with one of our staff members to discuss the individual needs of your location and how our organizations can work together to secure the resources that will make your program a success.

Will you come to my home if I am not disabled?

Yes, we will be happy to schedule appointments with you if you are not disabled. However, priority will be given to our homebound and disabled patients, and you will not be eligible for subsidized care. You can still take advantage of our sliding-scale fees if we treat more than one person at your home.

Will you provide treatments at my place of business?

Creating a healthy work environment for your employees is an admirable goal. Free Range Health is happy to discuss with you ways we can bring our services to your business location.

What is the most number of patients you will treat at one location?

There is no set limit to the number of treatments we can provide at one location. Space and time are the main constraints. If you have a very large group, we will need some extra planning time to accommodate your needs.

How can I support your organization?

Thank you so much for your interest in supporting the work we do. Underserved individuals and communities need access to quality integrative health care services now more than ever. Please look at our Get Involved page to see opportunities available for joining our community, and you can visit our Donate page to make a financial contribution.

Without the generosity of people like yourself, we would not be able to provide these essential services.